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Do your firearms look a little disheveled?  Do you want to keep them looking new?  Or maybe you just envy the camo finish on your buddy’s AR.  You won’t believe what ceramic coating can do for your guns.  We call it “armor for your gear.”  Those matte finishes that are all the rage, the ones with the multicam finish – yeah, we do that.  Or kryptek.  Or you can make it pink or purple if that’s your thing.  We don’t judge, we just deliver the hands-down best Cerakote application in the wild west.  And we back it up with a personal guarantee.  You’re gonna love our work, or we’ll give you your money back.  So, give us a call.  Better yet, stop on by at the shop.  We’re a family business, factory trained and certified! We’re not shy about saying it: “We’ll treat your gear like it’s a family heirloom.”


Ceramic Coating Services in West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah (84081):


If you’ve got gear, we’ve got a ceramic coating for it.  At GI-Coatings, we specialize in firearms, scopes and laser sites, but we can help just about any of your equipment: archery, golf, sports gear, stressed-out camping gear, even boat equipment, automotive parts, and wheels. Any kind of equipment with a hard surface can be improved with an application of Cerakote.  If you value it, we’ll preserve and protect it.   And don’t worry that your equipment might get lost under the mounds of back-orders.  We’re a family business, locally owned and operated, with that personal touch everyone promises but few deliver.  We guarantee you’ll love our work.  Let us show you what our ceramic coatings will do for your equipment.


Stressed and Distressed Equipment Refurbishing in West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah (84081):


You didn’t buy your pistols, shotguns, and rifles for a museum display.  You put them to work.  Chances are, you have a few scuffs, a ding or five, and maybe a couple scratches.  That’s where ceramic coating comes in.  Cerakote just might be the best way to refurbish battle-worn gear while extending that pristine condition that caught your eye back once upon a time.  Cerakote applications provide an exceptionally thin and lightweight ceramic coating that bonds to the finish while still letting it breathe.  Unlike powder coating, Cerakote doesn’t add significant weight to your gear.  It is amazingly thin, maintaining the full function of your stuff – especially firearms that are machined to perfection.  Ceramic coating lets you protect your equipment while keeping that original, factory condition you fell in love with.  Turn our expert, factory-trained and certified applicators loose on your stuff, and we promise to deliver a finished product that will give you that “look what I just bought” feeling once again.


Personalized Coatings in West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah (84081):


We can coat just about anything for you – from the S&W M&P series to the H&K VP9 and anything else.  And you can customize!  Come on over to our place and check out all the colors and patterns and finishes we offer.  If you want camo, we can do just about anything, including kryptek and multicam.  If you have accessories – maybe like Trijicon, Nikon, Leupold, Sightmark, or Eotech – we can coat those too.  Cerakote is amazingly versatile, and you can get the perfect look you’ve dreamed about.  Sort through our swatch sets or show us a picture.  We promise to give you that personal attention you need to get just the right finish on your equipment. 


Every Kind of Firearm Treated in West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah (84081):


You name the gun, whether for shooting or display, our application will provide a tough armor coating for it.  We cover every style and every brand.  Looking for a camo pattern for your shotgun?  We can do that.  Want a clear finish on your Glock?  We can do that.  We are equal opportunity Cerakoters.  We’ll take your shotgun or rifle, your pistol or your AR.  We can make your 1911 look even tougher.  Springfield Armory, Canik, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Mossberg, Beretta, Benelli, HK, Winchester, KelTec – we have just the right ceramic coating to make you proud.  Whether you’re looking for that rugged look or something a little more classy, we make an art form of ceramic coating.  Come on by and give us a look!


Why Choose Us?

  1. Aggressive Turn-Around Times

You bought your gear to use, not to leave sitting in some guy’s shop.  We respect that.  We’ve done enough of that ourselves.  We promise: your piece will be our priority.  We refuse to do sloppy work, so we will dedicate the time to do the work correctly with the quickest turnaround time possible. 


  1. Value

Think of this as an investment in your gear.  You bought it because you love it.  We want to help you take care of it and extend that pristine condition you value.  We offer competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee.  Who can beat that!


  1. Quality

When it comes to coatings and applications for your gear, Cerakote is top shelf.  But even the best coatings in the market need a professional to apply it properly.  GI-Coatings has the training and the skill to take the best coating in the business and give your gear that professional finish you were looking for.


  1. Personality

Your equipment is as unique as you are.  You want someone handling it who respects that, who will listen carefully to your hopes and then apply all their creative powers to deliver that custom finish you wanted.  GI-Coatings offers that personal touch that is crucial to a truly custom finish.


  1. Craftsmanship

At GI-coatings, we make it our priority to deliver excellence in our finished product.  So much of ceramic coating depends on the prep work.  We don’t cut corners.  We take the time to ensure that our Cerakote applications will finish without bubbling or splotching.  We have the equipment, the training, the know-how, and the sense of self-respect to do it right the first time.  And if by some strange stroke of fate, we make a mistake, we promise you, we will make it right. 

Whether your gear is brand new and you want to keep it that way, or is a little sketchy and you want to restore its dignity and self-esteem, we have the application for you.  You can contact us at (phone number) or use our website contact form to schedule a free consultation.  We would be honored to preserve, protect, and personalize your firearms or other equipment.


Give us a call: 801-628-5685

Or: info@gi-coatings.com


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