Complete Firearm Single Color $140
Slide $70
Frame & Slide $133
Additional Colors $32 each
Camo Patterns $46 per color after basecoat instead of $45/additional color.
Controls (Safety, Slide-stop, Pins, Takedown, etc) $25
Baseplate $14
Barrel $49
Trigger $18
ClearCoat $32
FX added to the Clear Coat (solid colors only) $14
Re-color Safety & Sights $25
Battleworn $28
Augmented Battleworn $46
AR 15 Platform
Solid Color Upper & Lower $119
2-tone Upper & Lower Receivers $154
Complete Rifle (Upper, Lower, Handguard/Rail) $189
Complete Gun: Upper and Lower Receivers, Barrel, Handguard, Pistol Grip, Pins, and Controls (Also includes up to 2 mags One color) $350 $35 per extra color
Lower Parts $42
Upper Parts $42
Handguard $70
Barrel $53 Batch Prices Available Upon Request
Stock $32
Magazines $18 Solid Color,Batch Prices Available Upon Request
Stencilled/Camo Magazines to match firearm $32
Clear Coat $60
FX added to the Clear Coat (solid colors only) $14
BCG (Elite or Micro Slick) $53
Buffer Tube $42
Muzzle Device $21 Batch Prices Available Upon Request
AR 10 Platform
AR-15 Prices + $50
Bolt Action
Solid Color entire gun $207
Barrel & Action $140
Bolt Only $53
Stock only $77
Battleworn $39 additional
Pattern $53 additional
Pattern+Battleworn $56 additional
Spartanworn $46 additional
Barrelled Receiver $98-$196
2-Tone Receiver Only $122-$245
Complete Shotgun $147-$294
Custom Design $196-$392
Scope / Optics
** No Optics over $750 MSRP Accepted **
Single Color Full Size Scope $53.00
Base/Ring/Cantilever Mount $28.00
Battleworn $46.00
Camo, Scope Only $56.00 Pattern only, Color Surcharges Also Apply
Per Color Surcharge After 1st Color $18.00
Custom Stencilling $28.00
Camo Match to Firearm $84.00 Color Surcharges Waived
Disassembly/Reassembly $35 each direction
Excessive Degreasing/Cleaning Required $25
Excessive Sandblasting/Corosion Requirements $42 per hour
Minimum Charge $35
Head of the Line Priority 50% of total Job before tax
Custom Stencil $18
Extreme Detail Custom Stencil $49
Mailed Firearms will be kept for 30 days after job completion, after which, a $30 charge will be assessed. Un-paid jobs will be considered forfeit property after 60 days.
G.I. Coatings will not assist customers in making real firearms appear as toys.
G.I. Coatings will not add lude or offensive images to any firearms or projects.
Nickel or Nickel Boron Parts cannot be coated using Cerakote

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