Rugged. Durable. Classy. And fully customizable. Think armor for your gear.

Firearms specialists; equal opportunity applicators.

Our Product

Cerakote (pronounced like CERAmic COATing) is a game-changer for protecting, preserving, and personalizing your stuff.  


Cerakote bonds to nearly any hard surface, whether polymer, metal, wood, or plastic, blocking harmful corrosives. But unlike other coatings, Cerakote allows the surface to breathe, extending the life of the coating.  


Cerakote protects almost any hard surface, from automobiles to boats, from buildings to bikes, from firearms to lug nuts. We specialize in firearms and accessories, but if you have something you want coated, please reach out. We are happy to discuss it.


Cerakote protects your gear against abrasion, corrosion, or wear and tear.   And if something you have is already rusted or distressed by wear and tear, Cerakote can help restore it and extend its life.


GI-Coatings allows you to choose from Cerakote’s most popular colors or special order any non-stock color for an additional $25. Choose from various available patterns and finishes, including clear, metallic, or solid. Depending on the application, the finish will be oven-cured or air-cured.


GI-Coatings is a family-owned, family-operated business. We take great pride in paying careful attention to the customer’s desires and delivering a first-rate product. We do all the work by hand in-house. From delivery to return, we will care for your gear as if they were our own.  

Our People

GI-Coatings provides the right mix of the professional and the personal. We have factory-trained and certified applicators in a family-run business. When you bring us your firearms or other items, we treat them as a personal trust. We intend to exceed your expectations and stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty. At GI-Coatings, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship with a personal connection.  

Our Process

Feel free to browse our website for ideas as you settle on your goal for a finished product. Or, if you have a picture of a product you want us to replicate, bring it in or email it to us. Choose the application you prefer, along with your favorite color and finish. If you are in the area, stop by our shop and look at the available color swatches we have in-house.  

Once you have settled on the design, either fill out our online form and ship your gear (if you are out of the area) or bring us the form in person along with items to be coated. Before we begin work, we will discuss the project with you personally and provide you with an estimated final cost for your approval.  

If bringing us a firearm, please break it down completely before delivery, or pay for us to take it apart.  

When we begin the cerakoting process, we start with an acetone bath to degrease the items. We then sandblast and test to ensure thorough degreasing, all before application of the spray coat and curing the application.

An expedited finish (for an additional price) can be done in as little as two days (+50%) or a week (+25%). Some applications can take as long as four weeks but generally, expect the application to take about two weeks.  

We will review the work with you when we have finished to ensure your complete satisfaction. We believe in our work and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our lifetime warranty assures your peace of mind. Your investment will be protected, so you can enjoy the benefits of Cerakote for years to come.